10 Gigabit Ethernet is nowadays viable solution for destinations with very high data traffic concentration like data center, server farms, MAN’s and backbones.

Need of 10 Gigabit Service

Application as high resolution digital videos, medical imaging, digital animation, CAD/CAM, high speed data storage also require the quality of service (QoS) inherent in 10 Gigabit Ethernet. IP-based services such as VoIP and video will require extended bandwidth. Greater bandwidth is also required as voice, data and video networks are coming into structured cabling systems, as is the case already for today’s more advanced security systems.

Standard of 10 Gigabit

In 2002 the IEEE ratified already a 10 Gigabit Ethernet standard for a full duplex fiber technology. Considering the world wide market need, the technology’s potential and the economies offered by copper cabling system, both IEEE and TIA/EIA have now in summer 2006 ratified the new standard IEEE 802.3an TM Category 6A.

Demand of 10 Gigabit Systems

As from the experience of the past at that time 100 Mb/s and later on 1 Gb/s were as standards ratified we expect a potential for 10G structured cabling systems in the mass market. Bandwidth will be for many applications in the near future the key issue, so it will be important to invest future proofed in 10G-enable twisted pair structured cabling solutions.