HD Optical Distribution Frame


  • Fully-closed structure with the advantages of good performance of dust-proof, pleasing and neat appearance
  • Enough space for fiber distribution and storage space and very easy for installation and operations
  • The front door with lock, fully front side operation, convenient for maintenances.
  • Cable inlet system is installed on the top of the frame which has excellent performances for fixing the cables.
  • Reliable cable fixture cover and earth protection device provided.
  • Integrated splice and distribution unit is adopted. Each unit holds up to 12 FC/SC Simplex adapters and up to 12 LC Duplex adapters. All units have specially designed slots and can be easily pulled out for operation at any time.
  •  Adapters 30 degrees access installation for the operation surface which is easier for connecting, ensure patch cord bending radius and also protect installers’ eyes from the lights
  • Frame material: SPCC /1.2 mm, others: 1.0mm, color: PANTONE cool gray 1C
  • No screw needed for installing adapters

Operation Conditions:

  • Temperature : -5℃ – +60℃
  • Humidity : ≤ 90% at 40℃
  • Air Pressure : 70-106kPa

Dimensions and Capability:

Dimension72ports Rack Mount

Max Capacity

(FC/SC Simplex)

Max Capacity

(LC Duplex)

H×W×DRack HeightMax Qty(pcs)



Part No.651x0z114
DescriptionPremium Line High Density Optical Distribution Frame, grey
x: product type1: main body (w/o rack mounted ODF)
3: main body + full loaded rack mount ODF( SC/Simplex tray. w/o adapter)
4: main body + full loaded rack mount ODF( FC/Simplex tray, w/o adapter)
5: main body + full loaded rack mount ODF ( LC/Duplex tray, w/o adapter)
z, high1: 2000mm2: 2200mm3: 2600mm



4U 19” rack mounted ODF, 72ports, without Adapters, grey

y= 1: SC type     3: FC type     4: LC duplex type