19″ 1U Rack Mounted PLC Splitter


Fiber optic PLC splitter is an optical power device based on quartz plate planar of light wave technology, which is widely used in local side or termination of Passive Optical Network (EPON, BPON, GPON etc.) for splitting of optical signal. It offers superior optical performance, high stability and high reliability; meet various application requirements in different environments.

19″ 1U Rack Mounted PLC Splitter is ranging from 1×2 ports to 2×64 ports. It is suitable for the use in telecommunication network, central office optical cable system and premise fiber network. The PLC splitter inside the box is plastic box type which available for 2.0mm pigtail. Each 19″ 1U Rack Mounted PLC Splitter is fully loaded with panels, adaptors (optional) and accessories and is ready for installation.

Suitable for installation of FC, SC, LC, etc. adaptors, and suitable for plastic box type PLC splitters module ( P/N 25xxxyyyz).


  • Optical LAN & WAN & CATV
  • FTTH project & FTTX Deployments
  • Broadband High-bit rate data transmission
  • Active device terminations
  • Testing instruments
  • Optical fiber communication networks
  • PON Networks
  • Optical Signal Distribution



Part No.254xxxyz2
DescriptionPremium-Line 1U 19″ Rack Mounted PLC Splitter, black
xxx: input & output102: 1×2,104: 1×4,108: 1×8,116: 1×16,132: 1×32,164: 1×64
202: 2×2,204: 2×4,208: 2×8,216: 2×16,232: 2×32,264: 2×64
y, adapter loaded

0: unloaded

1 : MM adapter loaded

2: SM adapter loaded

4: APC adapter loaded
z, type1: SC2: ST3: FC4: LC duplex
Packing1pc/box,              5pcs/carton