Indoor Tight Buffer Distribution


Fiber Optic Indoor Distribution Cable tight buffer with aramid yarn strength member

The 900μm tight buffer fibers are distributed in the center of the cable. The aramid yarn as strength member surround the fibers, the cable is completed with a LSOH, PVC or OFNP jacket.


  • small outer diameter, light weight, easy to strip
  • good flexibility performance
  • sheath color, SM cable in yellow, MM cable in orange, OM3 cable in aqua, OM4 cable in purple, OM5 in lime green


  • ITU-T G651, ITU-T G652D, ITU-T G657A2
  • ICEA-596
  • ANSI/TIA 568-C.3
  • TIA/EIA-492
  • IEC-60794,IEC-60793
  • IEC-60332-1-2
  • RoHS


  • classical premise backbone cabling fiber optic cable
  • 900um tight buffer fiber suits for termination with connectors work as patch cord or pigtails



Ordering information:

Part No.2613xyzzz
DescriptionPremium Line fiber optic indoor distribution cable tight buffer with aramid yarn strength member
x, mode1: MM 62.5/125  2: SM 9/125  3: MM 50/125  4: MM/OM3  9: MM/0M4
y, outer sheath1: PVC  2: LSOH(IEC60332-1-2)  4: OFNP
zzz, fiber count002 / 004 / 006 / 008 / 012 / 016 / 024

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Indoor Tight Buffer Distribution Fiber Optic Cable, LSOH
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