Outdoor Line Cabinet

Outdoor Line Cabinet


  • Monoblock welded body
  • Hinged, removable, sealing gasket and 3-point locking front door
  • Bottom case is suitable for cable entries
  • Top case is suitable for fan mounting
  • Easy assembly top cover
  • Suitable for floor type, wall type or pole type use with appropriate accessory options
  • Isolation module that can be assembled if needed
  • 400kg loading capacity

Technical Data:

Dimensions WxD in mmW:600mm D:450mm / W:600mm D:600mm
Height in U7U – 9U – 12U – 16U – 20U – 26U
ColorRAL 7035 L.gray color
Grounding continuityEN61587-1/ EN61010-1
StandardsTS EN 61587-1

Mechanical Characteristics:

MaterialSheet Steel, DIN EN 10130-99 / DC-01 6112 / DC-7122
Load Carrying Capacity400kg
IP ratingIP55
Climatic TestsC2
Industrial AtmosphereA2
Static Mechanical Load ClassSL5 -LT5 -ST5 -NL5
Dynamic Mechanical Load TestDL4V
Shock testDL4S
Impact testIK10

Explode View:


Ordering Information:

Part No.61616dyy5-TO
DescriptionOutdoor Line Cabinet W:600mm D:450mm/600mm,  RAL 7035 L.graycolor
d, depth (mm)6 – 600; 4 – 450
yy, height in Units (U)07 – 7U; 09 – 9U; 12 – 12U; 16 – 16U; 20 – 20U; 26 – 26U

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Drawings W:600mm D:450mm
Drawings W:600mm D:600mm
Isolation Module
Plinth Module W:600mm D:450mm
Plinth Module W:600mm D:600mm
Top Cover-Assembly