Network PRO Cabinet

Network PRO Cabinet


  • Glass double front door
  • Metal double rear door
  • Optional perforated front and rear doors
  • Removable and lockable side doors
  • Optional fan-unit into the roof or 19inch rack mount type fan unit
  • Bottom case with cable entry with sliding cover
  • 2 sets of 19’’mounting rails are adjustable throughout the entire depth of the cabinet, multi folded 1,50mm thickness
  • High load carrying capacity (standard 1000kg & Modified structure 1500kg )
  • Flat-packed construction

Technical Data:

Dimensions WxD in mmW:800mm D:1000mm
Height in U26U–32U–36U–42U–45U-47U
ColorRAL 9005 Black color or RAL 7035 L.gray color
Grounding continuityEN61587-1/ EN61010-1
TS EN 61587-1 :2016, 5.2.1 and5.2.2
CE According the IEC/ISO 17050 –EN 60335-1

Mechanical Characteristics:

MaterialSheet Steel, DIN EN 10130-99 / DC-01 6112 / DC-7122
Load Carrying Capacity1000kg / 2204lbs (Modified structure up to 1500kg / 3306.93Ibs)
IP ratingIP20


Part No.DescriptionWidth







Inner Height



Out Height


Out height with levelling feetH:4

Out height

with caster set

612frx8126z-TPNetwork PRO 19″ 26U W=800 mm D=1000 mm80010001158,91243,81273,81324
612frx8132z-TPNetwork PRO 19″ 32U W=800 mm D=1000 mm80010001425,61510,51540,51591
612frx8136z-TPNetwork PRO 19″ 36U W=800 mm D=1000 mm80010001603,41688,31718,31768
612frx8142z-TPNetwork PRO 19″ 42U W=800 mm D=1000 mm80010001870,1195519852035
612frx8145z-TPNetwork PRO 19″ 45U W=800 mm D=1000 mm80010002003,52088,352118,42168
612frx8147z-TPNetwork PRO 19″ 47U W=800 mm D=1000 mm80010002092,42177,252207,32257



Explode View:



Part No.612frx81yyz-TP
DescriptionNetwork PRO Cabinet W:800mm D:1000mm
f, front door1 -Hinged Glass Single Opening Front Door Metal Side Frames; etc
r, rear door1 – Hinged Metal Single Opening Rear Door; etc.
x, side panel0 -No Side Panels; etc.
yy, height in Units (U)26–26U; 32–32U 36–36U; 42–42U; 45–45U; 47-47U
z, color/packing2 – RAL 9005 Black color; 5 – RAL 7035 L. Gray color


Packing612frxwdyyz-TP – assembled
612frxwdyyz-TPF – flat package
Modified structure612frxwdyyz-TPM – assembled
 612frxwdyyz-TPMF – flat package

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