Premium-Line Visio Stencils

MS Visio is the convenient tool for business, it allows you to create flowcharts, organograms, building and floor plans, process diagrams, business process models, and more.

In our specialized Visio stencil library, various sets of cabling shapes and everything related to the design of structured cabling systems are available. Thanks to this, your team is able to quickly create visualizations of projects. All Premium-Line Visio stencils are free.

This is a group of shapes for copper solutions:

From our experience, we recommend downloading and installing the entire group of elements at once, because in this case you will see all Premium-Line solutions and this will give you an idea for the best design of structured cabling system.

Also available for you:

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Click here to get Visio stencils for Cabinets

Premium-Line Visio Stencils Peculiarities:

  • Visio Stencils created by solution types are at your service. You can see the entire list of Premium-Line products and can download only the groups of elements you need.
  • You can speed up your work with ready-made and pre-installed solutions and quickly create different combinations of cabinets, racks, frames and more.
  • Visual cues and product information details are immediately available to you when you select the appropriate item. If the data changes, the schema is updated automatically.

You can also use all the functionality of MS Visio, including other stencils. All versions of the software support traditional MS Office Word and Excel functions, such as font and color settings, and also allow you to export data directly to MS Excel and Access. At any time, you can go beyond this software and create a separate document, such as the project calculation request in Excel for sales department, etc.

Шаблоны Visio от Premium-Line