Visio Stencils for Data Center

The Premium-Line team prepared the release of the Visio Stencils for Data Center Solution. All our Visio Stencils are free and can be downloaded below.

Our high-density unique design patch panel, with maximum LC connecting & cabling:

  • 1U/144F LC or 72F SC
  • 2U/288F LC or 144F SC
  • 4U/576F LC or 288F SC

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FO HD Panel 1U 96F LC-Duplex or 48F SC-Si,plex (P/N 246104482)

Data centers are a complex solution that includes not only a structured cabling system, but also many other systems. And all this must be properly designed. Therefore, the data center visualization at the project discussion and design stages may help in many aspects.

You can create different options, fill the racks in different ways and discuss alternatives with the project team. Working with shapes will not take much time, everything is intuitive there.

Using the Premium-Line Visio Stencils, you can see the entire line of our data center solutions, which can help you better navigate the design stage.

At the end, you can easily generate a report and display the necessary elements in the summary table. This data can be used to form a request to our sales department.

We remind you that all Premium-Line Visio Stencils are free and available for downloading.