Copper Solution Calculator

This calculation is very simple and you can get the first calculation for budgeting based only on the total area of the building.

We used next statements for our calculation – usable floor space is 80% of the total floor area, individual work area ≈9.3 m2 with 2 ports RJ45. All calculation based on BICSI TDMM recomendations.
More detailed calculation is available in our software calculator

m2  –  Total area of the building (between 100 and 10000)

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Part No.Description:Unit:Q-ty:
1950101021U 19” Cable Management, Duct type, blackpcsQ-ty:
121122210Euro II Face Plate, Right-angle, 90°Entry, 86×86, Snap-In,w/- Shutter, 2-Port, whitepcsQ-ty:

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