Dome Type Splice Enclosure


Premium-Line fiber optic dome type splice enclosure is in hermetically sealed design, easy for assembly and re-entry. The closure is designed with a gasketed split end plate for mid-access cable application and includes an integrated stack storage basket. Max. 6 * 24 cores splice trays support up to 144 cores splice inside and no need special tools for trays fixing or unloading. This type enclosure is available for aerial or wall mount application.


  • Reliable mechanical sealing to prevent liquid or steam penetration
  • Easy to open and reopen
  • Available 2in 2out and 3in 3out types
  • Splice tray capacity: 24cores
  • 2 in 2 out type up to 72 cores, 3in 3out type up to 144 cores
  • Made by high strength engineering material to against impact or hit


  • Suitable for aerial, duct and direct ground buried applications


Heat shrinkable fixing sleeve

(for single wider inlet/outlet)

1 setProtect the inlet/outlet from water & dust ingress
Heat shrinkable fixing sleeve

(for rest round inlet/outlet)

3 pcProtect the inlet/outlet from water & dust ingress
Branching clip1 setBranching fiber cables
Grounding wire1 pc
Labeling paper1 pc
Special wrench1 pc
Metal hoop1 set
Aluminum-foil paper1 pc
Heat shrink tube24, 48, 72, 96, 144, 288pcs


Part No.541xy2402
DescriptionPremium Line Fiber Optic dome type splice enclosure, black
x: Cable slot1: 2in, 2out   2: 3in, 3out   4: 4in, 3out
y: splice capacity1: 24 cores  2: 48 cores  3: 72 cores  4: 96 cores  6: 144 cores  8: 288 cores
packing24~96cores, 10pcs/carton, carton size 88.5*42*47.5 cm
144~288cores, 6pcs/carton, carton size 69.5*44*52 cm

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