FTTX Aerial Flat Cable



This cable comprises 1, 2, or 4 fibers in classical drop flat design, supports high speed and broadband telecommunications. The solid (or stranded) messenger wire plus web construction makes it available for outdoor aerial installation and also works as the access of the buildings or homes. Inner parts consist of two parallel FRP strength members that protect the optical fibers located in the center. And the cable is completed with a black LSOH jacket.


  • Compact and light weight, easy to strip and splice
  • Aerial construction ideal for direct installation in Villas
  • Low bending loss, ideal access cable in PON project
  • Drop flat easy for cable allocation


  • ITU-T G652D/G657A2; ANSI/TIA 568-C.3; IEC-60332-1


  • Outdoor cabling for FTTx systems

Structure & Environmental Characteristics:

MessengerMaterialSteel Wire (1.0mm)
Peripheral Strength MemberMaterialFRP
Diameter0.5 mm
SheathMaterialLSOH / black
Operating Temperature-20 oC to +60 oC
Storage / Transport Temperature-20 oC to +60 oC
Installation Temperature-10 oC to +60 oC

Mechanical Characteristics:

Fiber CountOuter Diameter


Cable Weight


Crush ResistanceTensile LoadBend Radius
Short Term


Long Term


Short Term


Long Term







Fiber Color Code:

No. of fiber1234
Color of fiberBlueOrangeGreenBrown

Ordering Information:

Part No.2684x2yyy
Description:Premium Line fiber optic outdoor aerial FTTH drop flat cable, w/two FRP strength members, solid steel wire messenger, LSOH, black
x, mode1: MM 62.5/125 2: SM 9/125 3: MM 50/125 4: MM/OM3
6: SM 9/125 G657A2
yyy, fiber count001 / 002 / 004

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