Outdoor Pro Free Standing

Outdoor Pro Free Standing IP55 Cabinet


  • 4 qty 120x120x38 mm thermostat controlled fan option
  • 4 eyebolts positioned on the cabinet that helps it to be carried easily
  • Filtered ventilation structure from cabinet side surfaces
  • Ral7035 special outdoor paint
  • Double door structure that helps easy access from the front and rear of the cabinet
  • 19” mounting rails that can move back and forth without disassembly
  • Monoblock welded body structure with high corrosion resistance
  • Door with 3-point locking system
  • Blind hinge structure
  • Ventilation entry-exit points are protected against harmful effects that may occur on the equipment inside the cabinet due to dust, rain, slush and splashing water with its “U” bent structure preventing water ingress at the cabinet opening.
  • Metal/glass door options
  • Cable entry options with gland/brush / sliding cable entry from the cabinet bottom face

Technical Data:

Dimensions WxD in mmW:600mm D:600 – 800 – 1000mm
Height in U26U – 36U – 42U – 45U
ColorRAL 7035 L.gray color
StandardsTS EN 61587-1

Mechanical Characteristics:

IP ratingIP55
Climatic TestsC2
Industrial AtmosphereA2
Static Mechanical Load ClassSL5 -LT5 -ST5 -NL5
Dynamic Mechanical Load TestDL4V
Shock testDL4S
Impact testIK10


Part No.Description









Inner Height


61616d265-TFOutdoor Pro Free Standing IP55 Cabinet 19″ 26U600600/800/10001301
61616d365-TFOutdoor Pro Free Standing IP55 Cabinet 19″ 36U600600/800/10001745,5
61616d425-TFOutdoor Pro Free Standing IP55 Cabinet 19″ 42U600600/800/10002012,2
61616d455-TFOutdoor Pro Free Standing IP55 Cabinet 19″ 45U600600/800/10002145,6

Explode View:

Ordering Information:

Part No.61616dyy5-TF
DescriptionOutdoor Pro Free Standing IP55 W:600mm,  RAL 7035 L.graycolor
d, depth6 – 600; 8 – 800; 1 – 1000
yy, height in Units (U)26 – 26U; 36 – 36U; 42 – 42U; 45 – 45U

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Isolation Module
Plinth Module W:600mm