Introducing the Innovative 19” Fiber Optic Patch Panel: Customizable and Convenient


Dear partners,

We’d like to inform you about the expansion of our product line and bring to your attention a new fiber optic patch panel.

19” Fiber Optic Patch Panel

A cutting-edge fiber optic patch panel has emerged, boasting a unique modular design and a comprehensive range of accessories, offering unparalleled flexibility for users. This system allows individuals to assemble the patch panel precisely as per their requirements.

With four adaptable slots, users have the freedom to choose between SC, ST, LC, FC-D-flange or blank adapter panels. This versatility empowers them to create a configuration that best suits their needs. The patch panel supports up to 24 ports of SC simplex or LC duplex adaptors, enabling a remarkable total of 48 fiber terminations. This abundance of options ensures efficient connectivity for a variety of applications.

Both unloaded and fully loaded adapter panels are available, catering to diverse installation preferences.

Equipped with a splice cassette housing 24 cores and efficient cable routing, this patch panel takes organization and management to new heights. For those requiring even greater capacity, a stackable splice cassette (PN673000001) accommodating 48 cores can be ordered additionally.

Designed to fit standard 19″ racks with a 1U height, this patch panel effortlessly integrates into existing setups, minimizing the need for extensive modifications. The smooth sliding tray, accompanied by a self-lock function, guarantees easy installation and maintenance, further streamlining operations for users.

More technical information you can find here.

Visio shapes and an online calculator are available for this solution. These are all free services.

A quick overview of the panel in this video:

The old version of the panel is available for sale, but will be phased out and replaced with the updated version mentioned above.