GPON technology: Premium-Line splitters are available for ordering


It is impossible to imagine the network market without GPON technology. GPON is a multi-service broadband access network, where one cable provides Internet, telephony and television services with guaranteed quality of service. GPON is a personal fiber channel with bandwidths up to 1 Gb/s.

The technology is actively developing all over the world and the number of subscribers is growing rapidly.

In response to requests from our clients, we are expanding our solutions to support GPON networks and now we are offering splitters of the following configuration.

19″ 1U Rack Mounted PLC Splitter is ranging from 1×2 ports to 2×64 ports. It is suitable for the use in telecommunication network, central office optical cable system and premise fiber network. The PLC splitter inside the box is a plastic box type which available for 2.0mm pigtail. Each 19″ 1U Rack Mounted PLC Splitter is fully loaded with panels, adaptors (optional) and accessories and is ready for installation.
PLC Splitter Module: ABS type provides full protection for the internal optical components and cable, and is also designed for convenient and reliable installation. It is mainly used for various connection and distribution products (external junction box) or network cabinets.

Planar Light Wave Circuit Splitter is a type of optical power control device that is used with silicon optical wave technology to distribute optical signals at a central office in several locations.

It has a stronger fiber protection and looks like a miniature of a cassette splitter. It is mainly used for various connections and junction boxes or network cabinets.

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