Training on open air – combining business with pleasure


The Premium-Line Academy in Vienna continues to work actively. On June 28, we carried out the training for technical specialists and engineers of a big consulting company. It was organized in the green area near the office. The training topic was highly specialized and considered standards and testing of structured cabling systems. Vladyslav Ritskyi, technical director of the Premium-Line Company talked about the standards that are currently used, testing requirements and what’s new in this area.

Herbert Mladosevits – technology / product manager of Premium-Line KSI GmbH held the training practical part, explained how to work with real equipment – testers and measuring instruments.

As was mentioned by Frits Janssen – sales manager of Premium-Line KSI GmbH: “Many installers do not pay enough attention to training in this area. There are a lot of pitfalls here: the tester misconfiguration, testing with the wrong limits, prolonged analysis and diagnostics by unqualified technicians, result misinterpretation and report generation that are unclear to the client. That is why such specialized trainings are very important.”

In our work we try to actively experiment and look for new approaches. This is not the first time to organize trainings on the open space. From our experience, it is more motivating for employees, it allows distracting from the office environment, focusing on obtaining new information and, of course, it is more beneficial to health.

If you are interested in training at our Premium-Line Academy or you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.