Premium-Line Systems has become a member of BICSI


In October of this year, the company Premium-Line has become a member of the international non-profit telecommunications association BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Service, International).

BICSI is dedicated to support the advancement of the information and communications technology (ICT) community and help its members to improve their product quality and professional skills.

The Benefits of Becoming a Member of BICSI

All BICSI Members obtain access to a lot of valuable resources created especially for the ICT community. Individuals as well as companies may score an advantage of the educational materials and programs provided by the BICSI.

BICSI unites nearly 23,000 ICT specialists, including IT managers, designers, installers and technicians. All these people are involved in providing infrastructure for telecommunications, audio / video systems, life safety, security and automation systems. BICSI staff and volunteers help ICT specialists, provide products and services, opportunities for improvement and professional development. This is implemented through educational courses, conferences, online programs, publications, etc.

In the fast-growing world of IT, information is the most important resource. We consider the experience and knowledge that BICSI provides, bringing IT specialists from all over the world into the one community, as the truly invaluable. For us, as a supplier of cabling products and components for structured cabling systems, the membership in BICSI is an opportunity to constantly develop in the right direction, to ensure the high quality of the products offered.