Date center Italian market. Premium-Line participation in the Datacenter Experience Expo


Data centers are the foundation and core element of today’s digital infrastructure, providing the architecture needed to host and manage a wide range of online services, business applications and sensitive data. In Italy, as in the whole world, the data center market is constantly evolving, driven by new trends and constantly new challenges, such as the growing attention to issues related to sustainability, artificial intelligence and the reuse of energy generated during the operation of the data center.

All these topical issues were discussed within the framework of the exhibition-conference Datacenter Experience Expo, which took place in Rome on May 8, 2024. About 30 companies actively working on the Italian market took part in the events.

During the event, attention was paid to modern trends in the development of data centers. Separately, questions regarding the functioning of neural networks, which are at the center of the main driver in artificial intelligence, were brought up for discussion. Their ability to process data sequences and learn from large data sets opens up many possibilities already in the near future.

The main principles of the operation of data centers: efficiency, security, sustainability and continuity for the new digital businesses.

The participation of Premium-Line was organized by the Italian partner Antigone. As part of the exposition, samples of equipment and cable solutions, which have the greatest demand on the market, were presented. Premium-Line has a focus on structured cabling networks and we try to be the best in this segment and provide a full range of solutions and services. During the event, technical consultants provided all the necessary information about structured cabling systems for the data center.

We are open to suggestions and ready to provide additional information and answer questions. Our reliable partner Antigone works in Italy and our powerful team is ready for cooperation!