Premium-Line Angled Modular Patch Panel


Part No. 170262402

Space optimization is one of the important tasks that should be solved during the design and SCS construction. In case of data centers this problem can be very serious.  To meet these market demands, Premium-Line Systems offers its solution – 1U 24 port Angled Modular Patch Panel. It can help to increase installation density in the passive equipment zone. Such panel allows to place 24 ports in one unit of the mounting space. In addition, the angled panel does not require horizontal cable organizers and cable management allows to organize correct and optimal bending of cable bundles.

There are the main features:

  • Angled design saving space of frontal cable management bar
  • For passive racks, easy identification from standard design, benefits for important links wiring
  • Fitting with FTP/UTP 180D keystone jacks
  • Easy click on management bar, high strength affordable
  • Remarkable Labeling holder for management
  • Including ground wire
  • RoHS compliant

Panel dimensions

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