Spreading the knowledge: Premium-Line took part in the BIT & BIS-2020 Forum


February 26, 2020, in Kyiv, Ukraine, there was the IT event – the BIT & BIS-2020 Forum. It was attended by over 600 participants. There were discussed a lot of topics such as cloud solutions, security, data centers, cable and network technologies, contact centers and new cryptotechnologies.

The event was attended by the technical director of Premium-Line – Vladyslav Ritskyi, who introduced the company in the panel discussion “SCS Market Prospects development in 2020”. Because Premium-Line Systems is also the member of the international non-profit telecommunications association BICSI, our participation was valuable. The speakers of the discussion were representatives of such global brands as R&M, Legrand and Ukrainian manufacturer – Odessacable. The following issues were discussed in detail:

  • Comparison of the SCS market of Ukraine and developed countries of the EU, USA
  • What cable categories are most popular?
  • PoE ++, Wi-Fi and 5G – are these technologies have perspectives?

If to draw conclusions, then Ukraine is the attractive market, but here, due to the economic situation and complex social processes, rational decisions are needed in terms of price and quality. Projects are carried out in a limited budget and at the same time, quality and reliability parameters must be maintained.

Premium-Line is fully compliant with all the criteria. The company’s efforts are aimed at making German quality affordable for everyone. So we are actively working in Ukraine.

See you at the next events.