Premium-Line Team on the Cairo ICT 2022 Exhibition


The 26th edition of the Cairo ICT 2022 Exhibition was run from 27 November until 30 November 2022. It united 500+ Egyptian and international companies specialized in technology and communications solutions participating in the event.

This year’s the event was held under the slogan of ‘Leading Change.’ The exhibition is the most prominent regional platform for bringing and reviewing the most important trends and technologies in the sector.

Cairo ICT deals with many and more accurate areas, including the impact of cloud computing and giant international data centers on the sovereignty of countries, as well as the issue of securing countries, institutions, companies, and various entities from the risks associated with the digital transformation.

How the Premium-Line team worked

The Premium-Line brand was represented by Premium-Line Africa team. As always, the most relevant products and solutions were presented at our booth. The local consultants and IT delegates were there. We tried to create the most comfortable atmosphere for negotiations. And it seems we succeeded. Our booth was visited by delegations from various African countries who were invited by the Arab Organization for Industrialization. Wael Salah – Regional Director of Premium-Line MEA dealt with the organization of this visit.

The Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) is one of the largest, strongest, competitive, diverse and technology-based industrial platforms in Egypt, Arab world, Africa, and the whole world, working together with its spearheading staff and key strategic partners to realize sustainable and inclusive development.

So many people, who are usually far from each other, were in one place for a short period of time. It was a rich and most vivid moment of the event, because we were able to get to know each other, discuss many important issues and agree on further cooperation. The Managing Director of Premium-Line Robert Grischany had the opportunity to hold a meeting with the delegates of the Zambia Ministry of Technology and Science and representatives of Zimbabwe.

We thank all partners who visited our booth. We thank OASIS DISTRIBUTION SAE team for their fruitful and professional work throughout the exhibition. We wish everyone success and see you at the new events.

The AOI with delegates from more than 15 African countries visited the Premium-Line Africa booth to get updated on Premium-Line’s innovative cabling solutions.

From left to right: Robert Grischany, Managing Director of Premium-Line; Lamis Hassan, Channel Technical Manager of Premium-Line MEA – FZE; Essam Eldin Abugnaya, General Manager of ACC Sudan; Wael Salah, Regional Director of Premium-Line MEA.