Premium-Line starts its “spaghetti business” and becomes more Italian


There is an opinion that structured cabling system is a spaghetti business, and «cable noodles» are the joke and slang of many installers. Every joke has a grain of truth. It is known that the most delicious spaghetti is prepared in Italy. We are going to support this tradition, but prepare our “delicacies”.

Premium-Line becomes more Italian

We are happy to announce that Premium-Line starts speaking Italian. Now we have the professional team ready to serve and advise in Italian.

For all questions, you can contact to our Italian team by

Our logistics system is ready to deliver products to Italy as quickly as possible and the warehouses in Europe are ready to provide support.

Also, we invite companies from different regions of Italy to cooperate and become the Premium-Line distributor. We are open to propositions and the principles of our work are always based on mutually beneficial cooperation.

In addition, the Italian version of the website is in the process to be launched. Check it periodically, it is constantly filled with the useful content:

As soon as the opportunity arises, we will host events and meetings with partners and clients in Italy.

Until then, we are available online are waiting for your request.

Don’t forget! We speak Italian!