Premium-Line Fiber Optic High Density Patch Panel – the nuances of use


The high density installation is a task that many installers have to solve and that is why the Optic High Density Patch Panel from Premium-Line is in demand. This is especially relevant for data centers, where the solution must be flexible and allows for different installation variations.

There are key features of FO HD Patch Panel:

  • High Density: 1U/144F 2U/288F 4U/576F LC
  • 1U/1728F 2U/3456F 4U/6912F MPO/MTP
  • Simple Migration – 10 / 40 / 100 Gb/s
  • Light Weight: Aluminum Panel & Plastic Cassette
  • Flexible Operation and Smart Cabling

Plug-in Cassette:

  • Suit for 8F /12F/24F MPO-LC fanout
  • Plastic & manual clip design for easy Operation
  • Multi connector & adapter options
  • Clear adapter & cassette labeling

More technical information you can find here.

Our experience has shown that the technical description of the product is not always enough, so we have prepared several videos for you to fully reveal all the advantages of this panel.

This video shows all the nuances: what the panel looks like, how the cassettes are filled, how they can be removed from the panel, how decommutation takes place, etc.

In this video, we demonstrate the LC Uniboot FO Connector and why this solution is very convenient to use in high installation density.

Please note that there are free Visio stencils for this solution. They can help to visualize projects and prepare relevant documentation for the team or for presentation to the client. You can download the Visio stencils for the FO High Density Patch Panel here.

The explanatory video for your attention: