Premium-Line 1U 24 Port Hybrid Panel: 2-in-1 solution!


A hybrid panel for structured cabling systems is a type of patch panel that is designed to support both copper and fiber optic cabling. It allows for the connection of Ethernet and other data devices using both copper and fiber cabling within the same panel.

This type of panel is particularly useful in situations where a company may want to transition from copper cabling to fiber optic cabling gradually or where both types of cabling are required in different parts of the building.

Using in Data Centers

Data centers are projects in which such solutions are in particular demand, taking into account the specifics of the installation. In a data center, there are many different types of devices that require connectivity, including servers, switches, routers, and storage devices. Some of these devices may require copper cabling, while others require fiber optic cabling.  By having the Premium-Line Hybrid Panel that can support both types of cabling, it simplifies the cabling infrastructure and reduces the number of units and switches required.

You can read the full technical description of the Premium-Line 1U 24 Port Hybrid Panel here.

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