Permanent link testing. Why it is important


Dear partners,

In a new video on our YouTube channel, we show the features of a permanent link testing. The AEM TEST Pro CV 100 Multifunction Cable Certifier is used in this demo.

A permanent link is a more reliable test. It checks all static components of the communication circuits. It usually consists of a connector, a horizontal cable, and a patch panel port. It can also include a link consolidation point. Unlike a permanent link, channel testing involves testing the patch cords at each end. This test is not as reliable as patch cords are frequently moved or replaced. In addition, due to the design, the patch cords are unlikely to be in place when testing is required. And it may be that the patch cords, if used, will not stay connected after testing. Therefore, in practice, permanent link testing is an important part of any project, especially when the manufacturer’s 25-warranty is required.

The testing process is shown in the video:

We also encourage you to be trained in our online course for cabling system designers. This topic is covered in detail in the Testing (copper solutions) section.

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