Patch cord rainbow from Premium-Line


Dear partners, we have the information you need to pay your attention. We dramatically reduced minimum order quantity (MOQ) for our colored copper patch cords.

Telecommunications Cable Identification

To simplify troubleshooting, cables may be identified to indicate their basic function. The identifier should be applied at each termination and wherever the cables are accessible. An alternative choice is to purchase cables with the desired jacket colors.

Colored patch cords are useful for switching equipment in a server cabinet or racks, since the color of the cable immediately shows where it goes and to which port. Color helps to organize cable management, because you can think about the meaning of each color in advance, depending on the connection area or equipment. Also, the color scheme helps to create a beautiful visual effect. Of course, it doesn’t seem so important, but it is an opportunity that can be used.

Patch Cord Cat. 6A and its color variations

For example, there is Patch Cord Cat. 6A⁺. Premium-Line Category 6A+ S/FTP patch cord component level type The cable realize high performance, can pass Fluke ISO 11801 Cat.6A Patch Cord test up to 20m.

Variations of colors


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