Now available | Online version of the Premium-Line calculator


Dear partners,

We are happy to announce that the online version of the Premium-Line calculator is available. This implemented functionality will allow you to select the required configuration of the fiber optical patch cords, both single-mode and multi-mode.

More about the FO Patch Cord Calculator

There are 7 fiber optic options available in the calculator. For single mode, these are G652 and G657 (reduced bend radius fiber).

Singlemode connectors can be UPC or APC polished, or hybrid – UPC on one side and APC on the other.

For Multimode connectors, these has fibers from OM1 to OM5.

The calculator helps you to generate requests for the Premium-Line sales team and get faster answers. As a result, you can serve clients  more efficiently. The functionality of the calculator will be expanded. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

The desktop version of the Premium-Line calculator is also available for download. You can choose any suitable option.