Mini-webinar on how to use the Premium-Line solution calculators


Dear partners,

Often in practice it happens that you need to quickly prepare specifications, project budgets and provide your calculations to clients.  To do this, we have special services on our website – the online solution calculators. But we are faced with the fact that many of our partners don’t know about this services and their benefits. These are very simple and there are two options – online version and software version. And, despite their simplicity, they allow saving time, quickly and, most importantly, without mistakes, create project specifications and prepare documents for calculating project budgets.

So, to correct this gap, we provide you the mini webinar. In 4 minutes you will know how to use calculators, what are the differences between versions, when is it better to use which version and our latest updates. Hope that will be useful for you.

Mini-webinar on how to use solution calculators, 4 minutes to watch. See video below.

If you have any questions or ideas, please write to us.

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