Demo: Testing cable solutions for PoE transmission


Dear partners,

Based on the most frequently asked question on our YouTube channel, we have created a video on how to test cable solutions for PoE transmission.

The AEM TEST Pro CV 100 Multifunction Cable Certifier is used in this demo. AEM is an international company that offers application-specific intelligent testing and processing solutions for semiconductor and IT companies operating in the advanced computing, 5G and artificial intelligence markets.

AEM TEST Pro is the reasonable, specialized tester designed to guarantee that the digital network infrastructure is fully qualified to support the demands of IoT connected devices.

All the Premium-Line solution can be tested using the AEM TEST Pro. In our example, we use the Premium-Line Category 6A U/UTP Installation Cable, the Unshielded Keystone Jack Category 6A 180 °, Dual Type IDC. Watch the video to see all the details.