High Density FO Panel – get more with the same capacity


With the growing use of the internet and the exponential growth in the amount of data to be stored and processed, there are special requirements for the space management in data centers. The task is to make the best use of all available resources and make sure that each cabinet provides greater or maximum performance. That is why a high density of installation is an essential point.

To meet these market requirements, Premium-Line offers the solution – the high density fiber optic panel.

There are key features:

  • High Density: 1U/144F 2U/288F 4U/576F
  • Light Weight: Aluminum Panel & Plastic Cassette
  • Flexible Operation and Smart Cabling

Plug-in Cassette:

  • Suit for 8F /12F/24F MPO-LC fanout
  • Plastic & manual clip design for easy Operation
  • Multi connector & adapter options (see below)
  • Clear adapter & cassette labeling

Other Features:

  • Independent multi-layer cassette
  • Replaceable label corresponds to each cassette
  • Durable hinge closure design
  • Magnetic cover support one hand operation
  • Each cassette supports 3 MPO/MTP adapter
  • Independent frame for trunk cable management
  • The redundant trunk cable ensure the Cassette move properly

You can download the information flyer here. The Premium-Line high density fiber optic panel is available on order. More info here.

Please feel free to get in touch with us for any questions.