ВО патч-корд LC Uniboot

FO Patch Cord LC Uniboot Duplex Push-pull

A Uniboot connector that comes with a Push-Pull tab, which can be used in a high-density environment. Comparing to the conventional duplex connector, the design is more compact, as well as just one cable was used, which helps to improve the hot air flow in a high density and a crowed environment. Premium-Line did a unique design to reach in the highest density in the industry.


  • The push-pull design ensure easier release from HD environment
  • Avoid cable twine together
  • Easy polarity revisable
  • Cable diameter:2.0mm
  • IEC61754-20 and GR-326-Core complaint
  • RoHS/REACH & UL94-V0 inflammability complaint


  • Telecom network
  • Ethernet network
  • Optical communication equipment


Easy Polarity Revisable

Allows the fiber polarity to be switched without
the need for special tools.


Part No.21knxyzzz5
Description:Fiber optic patch cord LC uniboot, push-pull type
k, fiber mode:1: 62.5/125um     2: 50/125um        3: SM 9/125um
 4: OM3 50/125um  9: OM4 50/125um   8: OM5 50/125um
n, outer sheath7: PVC, 2.0mm     8: LSOH, 2.0mm
x, connector type(A)4: LC/APC       9: LC/UPC
y, connector type(B)4: LC/APC       9: LC/UPC
zzz, length:010: 1m,  020: 2m,  030: 3m,  050: 5m,  070: 7m,

100: 10m,  150: 15m,  200: 20m,  900: 90m

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